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brand therapy


\ ˈbrand   \


1a: extracting and understanding the desire to create and build a brand, entity, or source through conversation.


 -Tag It Brand It 

how it works

Brand therapy is our combined knowledge of psychology and digital marketing. Our sessions are filled with emotions and desires in need of processing. We listen, observe, and identify moments where we can serve the client and their brand. Our sessions are safe and secured, filled with emotions, and we are ready to bring your brand to the alignment and position it needs to begin, heal, and grow! 

our process

We've created our very own model known as, "The WS Model,"   revealed at the beginning of your brand therapy sessions. This model contains three phases, that focus primarily on story, content, and deployment. 

Your session begins with our certified branding therapist and founder of Tag It Brand It. Tre'elle holds a BS is Psychology from a prestigious university, as well as a MS in Digital Audience Strategies from a major university #1 in innovation. She's a digital strategist providing insight and resources to help position brands, businesses, and major operations in the United States. 



"I recently had the opportunity to meet with Tre’Elle for my brand consulation. She was attentive and shared the same enthusiasm for my brand during our talk. I even learned more about my brand and the process it takes for a brand to grow. I would definitely recommend her to help start your brand.."
-House of RoyalTee | Brand Therapy