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  • Graphic Design | Other

    There are no ends to digital art. If you can think it, we can draw, sketch, paint, design it.

  • Branding Package #2

    🏷 30- Minute Consultation 🏷 Logo Development | Primary Logo 🏷 3-page Website Design | Mobile-Optimization | Basic SEOs for web and social media share 🏷 Social Media Business Page Startup | Facebook or Instagram 🏷 Brand development Consultation (Colors, mood, emotion) 🏷 E-commerce Business Unlimited plan included 🏷 5-Product install 🏷 1-month analytic report after official web launch Great for online shopping experience or ability to accept payments to forms, donations and such. Any additional visuals must be provided. This is a $3750 value!

  • Branding Package #1

    🏷 30- Minute Consultation 🏷 Logo Development | Primary Logo 🏷1-page Website Design | Mobile-Optimization | Basic SEOs for web and social media share 🏷 Social Media Business Page Startup | Facebook or Instagram 🏷 Brand development (Colors, mood, emotion) Great for Personal Styling, Blogs sites, Artists, Landing pages, and start-ups. Any additional visuals and text must be provided. This is a $2500 value!

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  • 5 Things You Need To Build A Trusted and Believable brand

    We had the opportunity to share in an interview, 5 things you need to build a trusted and believable brand with Here is just a quick excerpt of what you will find. 5 strategies a company should be doing to build a trusted and believable brand is to first, remember the why. Why does this brand exist? You have to ask yourself these questions, or make sure your team knows the why. The why is the fire needed to keep the fire hot. Want to translate that energy to a source like our brand so that it can be felt. We want to establish a brand that answers some questions or be the solution for what users need or are searching for, and that fire will be the light and guide to capture leads. 2. Share your knowledge and expertise with your audience. This can be done through content such as infographics, free courses, webinars, training, how-tos, guides, blogs, events etc. You want to let the people know that your brand knows what it is talking about. If your brand has a product, then it can showcase how the product works. I think of those infomercials I watched growing up as a kid. I remember one brand in particular, “Oxy-clean” and the spokesman Billy Mays. I remember there would be spills of red wine on a sample carpet, and that one squeeze from a bottle would clean up the stain right away. It made me believe that it was a trusted brand. Give the people an inside scoop. You don’t have to tell everything. Just enough to get some type of call to action. That could be a subscription, subscriber, follower, customer, or an advocate. 3. Listen to your audience. Remember that people are just that, people who have feelings and emotions. We are not robots, so I believe that brands should engage with their users/audience if they can. Ask questions, read comments, do surveys, get creative. You would want to make sure that your users are happy and satisfied because they’re the ones who define your brand. 4. As a brand you should also research. Trends change all the time and market research will help gather information about consumers needs and preferences, and will allow your company to do strategic planning to present a new product or service. This is listening beyond your audience but listening to potential customers in the world. 5. Invest in content creators. These are your graphic designers, web developers, content writers, photographers, videographers, musicians and producers, anyone with the ability to breathe life into a vision. We cannot drop the ball on this. Content creation conveys visual communication. Investing in a creative team means you have tools that paint a picture of building trust. No matter if your company admits how great they are at what they do, you have to showcase it. What better way to do so than visuals. At Tag It Brand It, we can assist in that department. We know that there is power in what we see. First impressions are lasting impressions, so let’s get it right the first time. Read more by visiting Authority Magazine and make sure you give the article a 👏

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  • Digital Marketing and Branding Solutions| Tag It Brand It

    VIEW OUR STORY WELLS FARGO LEARN MORE > WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT LANDING PAGES | PERSONAL BRANDS | E-COMMERCE We design our websites with digital marketing in mind. We combine beauty and brains (well, digital brains). While creating a visually stunning website is important, we also want to keep in mind the desired goals which is to make some type of conversion. At the end of the day, we want users to complete a purchase, read that blog, watch that video, capture emails, while showcasing beautiful images, videos, and text. ​ Lastly, we ensure that your website will be visible and present on the world wide web. This is done by Search Engines Optimization (SEO), Keywords, Text, and Headers, permalinks to name a few. ​ Learn More plant.create. expand BRANDING +reDESIGN First impressions are lasting impressions! In a visual world, everything communicates a message. Our company helps identify the heartbeat of your brand and give it life from a visual perspective to achieve your brand desired goal. We love branding so much that we included it in our name. At Tag it BRAND it, we believe that everything can be tagged with a price or a shout out/mention on social media. With that it mind, we will also design with your audience in mind. We will create something that communicates to your targeted audience and build a brand that will transcend with time. logos .content creation .digital art Get a quote right conversations + right plan = success Consultations branding+marketing Tag It Brand It, is a digital marketing and branding company that started in 2018. We began with graphic design and expanded our services to digital audience strategies. We have qualified Digital Marketers on standby to help business owners and organizations to get on the right track. Great content is only half the work. The other half is marketing and knowing how to deliver the right message, in front of the right audience, at the right time. ​ let us help you with your brand. Let's talk marketing solutions WEBSITE | SOCIAL MEDIA | PRODUCT | SERVICE ​ Our marketing strategies follow a three-part plan that includes S.M.A.R.T. goal development, content and social media strategies, search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your Search Engine Rankings, Email marketing, Google ads, and social media ads. Let's get started music production ARTISTS | INSTRUMENTALS | STINGERS | JINGLES Music is an atmosphere setter for any brand. Whether you're an artist or in need of a sound for your video promos, we have you covered. We have professional musicians and recording studios we've partnered with to help bring you an authentic sound with professional quality. Did you know that music helps identify your target market? ​ ​ Let's Jam video production YOUTUBE OPENERS | PROMOS | LOGO STINGERS | + We provide high quality video editing and production using top softwares such as Adobe After Effects, Premier Pro, and Final Cut for event promotions, social media stories (IG, FB, SC), and ads for any other digital outlet. Let's Capture WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY My consultation with you was so informative and motivating, it made me wish I had started my business years ago. You pulled out visions and dreams that I didn’t know I had or how to bring it to reality. Continue doing the outstanding job that you are doing and may God continue to bless your business. ROBERT TALBERT, FOUNDER OF SOLO RIDER TRUCKING CONTACT US 500 E Main St #1603, Norfolk, VA 23510, USA EMAIL : INFO@TAGITBRANDIT.COM ​ FOLLOW US

  • New Page | Tag It Brand It

    Brand Therapy \ ˈbrand ther·​a·​py | \ ˈther-ə-pē

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