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Dive into the digital landscape with Tag It Brand It's tailored web packages, designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses aiming for online prowess. Here's a quick guide to help you choose the perfect package for your brand.


1. Lowcountry Package: The Launchpad

  • Features: One-page responsive design
  • Web hosting and domain
  • 60-minute consultation (Brand Therapy)
  • Primary logo
  • Basic SEO
  • Mobile site optimization
  • Google connection.
  • Best For: New businesses or solopreneurs needing a quick and effective online presence. 

2. Hampton Roads Package: The E-commerce Pro

  • Features: Everything in the Lowcountry+
  • Up to 5 additional pages
  • E-commerce functionality 
  • Product/service installation (up to 10 products) 
  • +Additional Individual product pages, cart and checkout process, order confirmation
  • Content creation
  • Basic Copywriting
  • Best For: Growing businesses ready to sell online and enhance their content strategy.

3. GA Peach Package: The Premium Suite

  • Features: Builds upon the Hampton Roads Package by offering up to 10 pages of responsive design, keyword research, advanced SEO, premium content, CMS integration, and training.
  • Best For: Established businesses seeking to dominate their online niche with advanced SEO and robust content management.


For enterprises and government agencies, please review our web page to review our process and capabilites statement.  

The Web Box

  • Lowcountry Website Only 

    Web Hosting


    Mobile Site

    Basic SEO


    Google Connection

    Hampton Roads Website Only 

    Up to 5-pages 


    Analytics and Reporting 1-month

    Web Maintenance 1-month

    Product or Service Installation


    Georiga Peach Website Only 

    Up to 10 pages

    Professional Email (1 Yr)

    Web maintenance (1 Month)

    Content Integration


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