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Exciting News: The New Envision Family Service Website is Live!

We are excited to reveal Envision Family Services (EFS) freshly revamped website, crafted by the talented web development team at Tag It Brand It. This refresh isn't just about aesthetics, it's about positioning Envision Family Service for the growth within their organization and expansion in the community. Our task was to create a minimalistic website that allows users to feel Confident, Connected, and Cared For.


Before | Envision Family Service Website
Reimagining the possibilities of Mental Health Services

Before the refresh, Envision Family Services web page was informational and static. It didn't convey the vibrancy within the organization and didn't reflect the great work that they've done. The site hasn't been updated in years, and it was time for something new.

What happened next?

Co-founders Shanequa Vass and Mercedes Santos-Bell, came to the #tagteam to discuss their goals, pain points, and shared the future of Envision Family Services.

EFS was the perfect candidates for the Lowcountry Web Package which is great for responsive landing pages, informational websites, artists, and lead capture. This one-page responsive design answered all of the who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Their process included Brand Therapy Sessions, Web Program Assessment, and interactive collaborative sessions.

🔍 Here’s a Glimpse of What the New Site Offers:

Our Mission at a Glance: Dive deep into our purpose - from providing mental health services to supporting families and communities.

Who We Serve: Catering to school-age children, families, and individuals seeking therapy, we're here for every unique need.

Website Experience: Feel the warmth, gratitude, and resilience as you navigate. We've ensured that every visitor feels welcomed and cared for, enveloped in a sense of belonging.

Our Services: Learn about our diverse offerings, from school-based mental health programs and in-home counseling to outpatient therapy, services for autism, and our group home initiative.

Join Our Team: Interested in making a difference? Check out our dedicated recruitment page on and be a part of our mission.

Quotes that Inspired Our Redesign:

- "So we provide mental health services. We have another program where the counselors go into homes and work with children and their families."
- "The website should convey who we are - vibrant, beautiful, and attention-pulling. It should exude the passion we have for what we do."
-"When visitors come to our site, we want them to feel hugged, to feel like we are what they needed at that moment."

🌐 Goals for Our Web Presence:

Our revamped website aims to increase awareness about our services and programs, making mental health support accessible to all. Additionally, we are always on the lookout for passionate individuals to join our family, and our website serves as a platform to attract potential employees.

Before and After

What once was a gray and dull encounter emerged a vibrant web design that speaks to the growth and goals of Envision Family Services. They've received a one-page, responsive, intuitive, and interactive web page, that speaks to there intended audience and community.


We are grateful and thankful for our journey together. We chose to be strategic allies to Envision Family Services because they align with our CORE VALUES which is to lead with fire. They're passionate about what they do and who they serve. They make a great difference in the families, communities, and public school systems. Every child that they help, receives the love, attention, and care that connects with the heartbeat of the founders.

Not only do they encourage inclusiveness, but they also Inspire Change and Discover Possiblities in every life they touch.

Check out Envision Family Service and follow them on Facebook to stay in touch with their mental health updates in their communities.

Ready to leave your mark? Well, check out out website and learn more about how you can become a strategic ally to the #tagteam!

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