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Updated: Aug 11, 2021

DSMD is on a mission to dissolve the stigma that all Black and Brown men are immediately viewed as a threat to life in most confrontations, altercations, and interactions with law enforcement and the general public. Actively working towards overtaking and abolishing the effects of systemic discrimination and disenfranchisement on the Black and Brown communities through Education, Empowerment, and Inclusion.

Educating by providing the Black and Brown community with a platform to share, discuss, and provide knowledge to assist with decisions that directly impact not only Dads, but all Black and Brown men alike. Empowering by taking that knowledge gained and progressing the socioeconomic position of our demographic through active participation within schools, businesses, and public offices. Inclusion by cooperatively developing and executing plans that funnel more educated, empowered, experienced, talented, and qualified personnel from our community into influential positions within the S.T.E.M., Business, Entertainment, and Governmental arenas that directly affect our environment.

We had the opportunity to partner with DSMD to build a total brand experience. We opened our web design, graphic design, video production, and digital marketing studios to bring DSMD from concept to reality.

Our Studios

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