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digtal marketing

It's more than a service we provide. It is our purpose and responsibility. 

our purpose

We started as a web design and content creation company back in 2018. It wasn't until the completion of our graduate program at Arizona State University in Digital Audience Strategies that we were able to create and power our creation to reach the right audience.


We learned the importance of targeted and intentional marketing. Design is only half the equation. Functionality is the other half. Whatever you design has to work and that's why we took an additional year to develop and partner with top marketing software companies to help power organic and paid research to power real conversions. 

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our process

Our process begins with discovering the needs of our clients through a discovery process. We begin with a questionnaire/checklist to determine how we can better serve you. 


Step 2. Enter the 8-phase process

  1. Discover + Analyze

  2. Marketing Assessment 

  3. Market Research

  4. Develop + Design

  5. Content Creation

  6. Test 

  7. Deploy Launch Strategy 

  8. Monitor + Audit 

Step 3.  Management

We offer ad management with a reoccurring fee with your desired ad budget with a 15% ad spend. 

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our digital 
plan guide 

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Frequently asked questions

Brand Therapy

Are you all licensed psychologist?

The answer is no. The term brand therapy is the combination of consulting, strategizing, and positioning with our professional digital marketers and branding consultants.

What are the requirements to become a branding therapist?

Our branding therapist must have a background in psychology, meaning they've obtained at minimum an associates degree from a credible college or university. Our standard begins at the Bachelor's level. Our psychology majors are then paired with our marketing strategist and consultants to train and educate.

How many sessions do I need?

During our discovery call, we identify the need and will provide our recommendation on how many sessions you may need. However, the amount of sessions are totally up to you. You can book your sessions with your Branding Therapist online. A quick tip, schedule your sessions in advanced for the month. Reoccuring sessions are available.
Also, you can always exceed your sessions, if you'd like.

Are sessions online or in-person?

We offer both! We provide sessions using Zoom for online purposes and in-person in our conference rooms downtown Norfolk. We are located at 500 East Main St, and all consultaitons inperson will be conducted in a room that meets the needs of our client. One on one sessions and group sessions are avaialble. In-person, COVID regulations are in place. Masks are required, and social distancing. Check out some of our rooms.

Web Design

Do I need a website?

A website is not necessary for a brand to survive. However, it is a powerful tool that can yield greater returns on investment, nurturing of clients and leads, a place to display your work/portfolio, a new stream of marketing and revenue, safe&secured with sensitive information, and it's yours. It's not depeneded upon other social media channels, it depends on your organization.

How much does a website cost?

Our tailor-made designs start at $1500.

Template or Custom Designs

We build all our websites from scratch. We pride ourselves in creating a site that is one of one on the worldwideweb. We also template based-solutions starting at $1000.

Website Turnaround

Our website turnaround is between 4 to 6 weeks for a 5-page design.

What webhost do we use?

We have partnered with WIX.Com to be our sole-providers of website solutions. However, we also template based solutions by using Squarespace.com, WIX.Com, and Shopify.

Do you ReBrand Websites?

We rebrand sites that use the WIX, Squarespace, or Shopify platforms. Wordpress is not our jam, we are not fluent, however, we have partners who we can refer you to that are Wordpress professionals.

Do you use coding for website development?

The official answer to this questions is no. Right now, we offer web design without coding. We design beyond the platform by using external softwares and mesaures to create a powerful, responsive, and stunning design. Learn more about what's in our toolkit HERE

Content Creation

What is content?

We define content to be anything that can be consumed with your senses espeically in the digital marketing world. It has the ability to educate your audience, help drive sales and bring traffic, it provides insight or deeper levels of understanding, assists in telling your brand story, and soo much more. Content is foundational to any digital marketing strategy and it is the food that your audience consumes. Content examples -Blogs -Infographics -Books/eBooks -Vidoes -Social Media posts -Quizzess

Why is content important?

1. It educates your audience, and with the power of knowledge, you can help your users make smarter purchasing decisions. 2 Digital content speaks to the internet, which means it can help you attract more leads through search engines. Whether it leads to a website or social media network, content is traceable links and digital language that can become powerful in leading audiences to your platforms. 3.Content is also strategy. Though it's nice to provide information, everything shared, whether it be mirco or macro, has some form of purpose so make sure your content is intentional. 4. Content is a mirror. This means what you post reflects the brand's message, values, beliefs, vision or mission.

What's the starting price for content creation?

We offer flat rates and hourly rates depending on the type of content. Our hourly rates starts at $75/hour for retouches, remakes, and editing. These rates apply to music production, photo editing (photoshop, lightroom etc), and video editing. Others are flat fees starting at $150 for flyers and social media kits.

What if I don't see what I'm looking for?

We can create digital content in the form or printed material and digital material. We do not build apps nor are we digital animators. If you do not see the type of content you are looking for, then send us a message via chat, email, or phone and we'll figure out a solution for you.

Digital Marketing

What's the difference between Organic and PPC Marketing?

Well, organic is just that, using organic methods to draw traffic to your wesbite. PPC means you are purchasing power to be listed on the number one search engine result page (SERP) on major search engines such as Bing and Google. Think about it this way, PPC are the ads you see first when you are on Google. After about 3 or 4 ads, you'll see the first organic listing. That's the ads that has conquered its Search engine optimization.

What is content marketing vs social media marketing?

Social media marketing happens on social media networks. Paid ads or sponsored ads will be listed on the social media channels based on the locations and ad building process. This can be an instastory, reel, or youtube ad while tuning in to your favorite tutorial. Content marketing on the other hand, can be posted on other means of digital real estate such as blogs and backlinks. Yes, you can advertise content on social media, but the unique backlinks and mediums are what makes the difference.

How can I advertise without money?

Influencer marketing, word of mouth is always on the top of our lists, host events centered around your message, live videos during peak hours, and consistency.