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content creation

We make digital content for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 

Content is King or Queen, whatever your preference may be. One thing for sure is content is runs the real and digital world. It's how users interact and connect with a brand. What we do is create digital art that transcends into the real world. We specialize in ...

  1. Logo Development 

  2. Flyers

  3. Business Cards

  4. Book Covers

  5. Music Production

  6. Video Editing 

  7. Album Art 

  8. eBooks 

  9. Interactive pdfs 

  10. Pitch decks +

  11. Banners + Marketing material 

  12. Self-Publishing (books via Amazon KDP)

If it's not listed, just ask. We're positive we can get it for you or send you to a partner who can. 

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our process

Our process begins with discovering the needs of our clients through a discovery process. We begin with a questionnaire/checklist to determine how we can better serve you. 


Step 2. Enter the 5-phase process

  1. Discover

  2. Analyze

  3. Develop + Design

  4. Content Creation

  5. Deliver 

Your Deliverables will be delivered in your client portal and ready for download.

Frequently asked questions

Brand Therapy

Are you all licensed psychologist?

The answer is no. The term brand therapy is the combination of consulting, strategizing, and positioning with our professional digital marketers and branding consultants.

What are the requirements to become a branding therapist?

Our branding therapist must have a background in psychology, meaning they've obtained at minimum an associates degree from a credible college or university. Our standard begins at the Bachelor's level. Our psychology majors are then paired with our marketing strategist and consultants to train and educate.

How many sessions do I need?

During our discovery call, we identify the need and will provide our recommendation on how many sessions you may need. However, the amount of sessions are totally up to you. You can book your sessions with your Branding Therapist online. A quick tip, schedule your sessions in advanced for the month. Reoccuring sessions are available.
Also, you can always exceed your sessions, if you'd like.

Are sessions online or in-person?

We offer both! We provide sessions using Zoom for online purposes and in-person in our conference rooms downtown Norfolk. We are located at 500 East Main St, and all consultaitons inperson will be conducted in a room that meets the needs of our client. One on one sessions and group sessions are avaialble. In-person, COVID regulations are in place. Masks are required, and social distancing. Check out some of our rooms.

Web Design

Do I need a website?

A website is not necessary for a brand to survive. However, it is a powerful tool that can yield greater returns on investment, nurturing of clients and leads, a place to display your work/portfolio, a new stream of marketing and revenue, safe&secured with sensitive inform